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aus 'ner Mücke 'nen Elefanten ~ often it is only a small detail from which something very valuable grows.

I think. I write. I create. I connect. I do. To turn ideas into reality, share visions, inspire and connect people. I care about make a difference and change ways of thinking. Whether offline or online, I believe understanding people’s intention, defining the potentials to enable the most valuable experience. In this way, I contribute to reflection and public exchange on how we want to shape our future. As a creative mind with a professional focus on communications, brand building and storytelling, I work with people, innovative and future-minded corporates and organizations on their value propositions and know how to make them tangible with stories. Ideas that touch people emotionally also move them and the transformation begins.

I love telling stories; about people, about places, causes and possibilities. In my work as well as in my personal life, I have always been particularly interested in two seemingly different worlds: Digitization with the associated changes in identities as well as relationships and concepts of living. While the former is often regarded as a rational development of our Zeitgeist, the latter appeals to our responsibility. While the needs of our time play an important role in the development of technologies, it is also interesting coming at it with the mindset of an economist to look at the needs of the environment through human-centric and purpose-driven innovations.

What I am passionate about are things with purpose. How we do manage to meet the social and ecological challenges of our time? Concrete ideas and inspiring visions as it should be are a good start. The world needs more kickass innovators and aspiring founders. On their journey I help unleash their potential by offering them exclusive coaching and workshops to develop their skills and powerful business concepts, that not only convince future customers, partners and investors but also have a positive impact on a better, more sustainable future.

aus 'ner Mücke 'nen Elefanten

Creative/Brand Strategy + PR * Storytelling + Content Creation + Publishing + Events Programming + Partnerships * Collaborations + Coaching*Workshops

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